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Rush - ABC 1974 (2011)

Best power trio ever!!! \O/ !!!
Hard Rock + Heavy Rock + Rock
Geddy Lee (vocals, bass), Alex Lifeson (guitar, backing vocals) & Neil Peart (drums)

1. Finding My Way
2. Best I Can
3. Need Some Love
4. In The End
5. Fancy Dancer
6. In The Mood
7. Bad Boy
8. Here Again
9. Working Man
10. Drum Solo
11. What You're Doing
12. Garden Road
13. Anthem
14. Beneath, Between And Behind
15. Fly By Night

"A very pleasant surprise it was to see this 1974 Rush show recently receiving an official release, having only previously been available on a bootleg titled The Fifth Order Of Angels. It was recorded at the Agora Ballroom in Cleveland by WMMS Radio very soon after drummer Neil Peart replaced John Rutsey. It will be of particular interest to Rush fans for the inclusion of two unreleased tracks - Fancy Dancer and Garden Road as well as a cover of the Larry Williams song Bad Boy.
Of course back in 1974 Rush were purely a heavy rock band, before any signs of prog influences started to come through. Nevertheless for those who enjoy the first album, which not surprisingly is featured heavily here, the band turn in a lively and tight performance despite the recording being somewhat rough round the edges - if you thought the 78 show from Different Stages was rough think again! Still, despite this it captures the power of the band and is perfectly listenable and very enjoyable. It also features a couple of tracks from the yet to be released Fly By Night, the best being a powerful version of In The End. Garden Road is the better of the two unreleased tracks and is in fact as good as much of the first album. The same can't be said of Fancy Dancer which is a run of the mill bluesy rocker. There's an early Peart drum solo which is very lively but not surprisingly lacks the finesse of later ones, even including the one that appeared on the All The World's A Stage album that was only two years later. As a bonus to the tracks recorded for the 1974 shows there's a further three songs that appeared on Fly By Night recorded at the same venue the following year. The recording quality of these is quite a bit inferior to the 74 show but welcome additions nevertheless.
Overall then despite this performance being recorded well before Rush hit their prime it shows that they were a very tight band and very capable players even at this early stage. If you enjoy the first two albums then you'll love this."

Review by Nightfly @ Prog Archives

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Edson d'Aquino disse...

É pra já, broDim!!!

Marcello 'Maddy Lee' L. disse...

É isso aí, me'rmão, manda ver!

Anônimo disse...

Registro histórico do Rush? É obrigação baixar.


Marcello 'Maddy Lee' L. disse...

Faaaaaaaaala, El Juvenil!
Obrigação é pouco! rsrsrs
Manda ver que este registro está totalmente excelente, extremamente pesado!
O engraçado é que a capa do disco é de uma época totalmente diferente...

Anônimo disse...

É do tempo do Exit...Stage Left, nos anos 80 né?


Feliz Natal!

Marcello 'Maddy Lee' L. disse...

Faaaaaaaaala, El Niño Viejo!
Cara, a foto deve ser da época do A Farewell To Kings e/ou do Hemispheres, pelos instrumentos, "figurino" e cabelos... rsrs O Geddy Lee começou a utilizar esse baixo e guitarra por causa da Xanadu.
Feliz Natal, meu camarada!

Diego Camargo disse...

Mim estou a downloadear, uga buga!

Marcello 'Maddy Lee' L. disse...

Hau, buga ugh!
Uh un-huhu buga luga, agh guh bunga unga!

Unknown disse...

Este link não está disponível.Gostaria de baixá-lo, será que podes enviar-me outro link? Meu email é: ilumathias@gmail.com ABRAÇOS!!!!!!

Marcello 'Maddy Lee' disse...

Caro ilumathias@gmail.com, antes de tudo, seja bem vindo!
Vou tentar atender a este seu pedido; porém, é provável que eu demore algum tempo, porque preciso achar esse disco em meus zilhões de backups, OK?

Marcello 'Maddy Lee' disse...

Rush - ABC 1974